Pricing for our services is as follows:

Basic services are charged a standard rate across all brands as they require little or no parts, full rebuilds change much more between brands as the complexity and parts cost vary significantly. We record your current settings, strip the parts down before thoroughly cleaning and inspecting them, then change seals and reassemble with the best fluids from WPL (Whistler performance lubricants).

Any further parts or tuning will be an extra cost but we will advise before proceeding or at the time of booking.

Remove and reinstall fork or shock from bike - Included in the service price. Discount applies for units delivered off the bike

Basic Fork Service (all forks) - cleaning of lower legs and relube seals & bushes | $100.00

Fork Full Service Full strip down and clean of lowers, damper and air assembly. Replace dust wipers, change damper oil and vacuum bleed where possible, relube and reassemble. Return adjusters to original settings. | (see links below for specific pricing)

Shock Basic Service (all brands, single tube shocks only) - Clean outer air can seals and relube only | $55.00

Shock Air Can Service (all brands, single tube shocks only) - Clean outer air can only and replace seals, relube and reassemble | $115.00

Shock Full Service Full strip down, replace o-rings and wiper seals, vacuum bleed damper, recharge IFP (Nitrogen or air depending on model) | (see links below for specific pricing)