Set Up days


We have partnered with Skyline Bike Park, Rotorua to provide set up days for tuning your suspension. These are open to anyone riding a mountain bike with suspension (even a hardtail!) riding at any level or ability. Whether you are looking for more comfort, confidence or speed on the bike, we can help you reach the optimum settings. By the end of the session you will hopefully have the most out of your current configuration, but we will also advise if there is any servicing, tuning or upgrades available that could get even more out of it.

The next days are:

Saturday, October 5 2019

SUNDAY, November 3 2019

Saturday, November 30 2019

There are 2 sessions per day - 10am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4:00pm, limited to 6 riders each.

$40/person (not including a gondola pass)

When you sign up, I will send a link to a questionnaire to gather some info about where you are currently at.

When you first arrive, I will record your current settings as a reference point, then you do at least one warmup lap before we make any changes. If you are new to the park, I recommend you do a few runs to find a track that suits you and get comfortable first. You need to arrange your own gondola pass.

The idea is for you to do as many laps as you feel like, trying out different settings each run. I will make adjustments between laps for you, so you have a good opportunity to experiment in a controlled way and feel what each change does. The great thing about skyline is the ability to do several laps in a short time to guide you towards a better set up quickly. I will be asking questions like do you feel the tyres are losing grip, do you struggle to keep control of the bike or do you get sore hands? I may or may not tell you details about each adjustment at the time because this can influence what you feel on the next run. I will be happy to discuss changes or answer any questions afterwards though! Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how it is “supposed” to feel, as the session goes on you will start to feel differences and whether you like it or not. This is all there is to it!  

I bring a range of air spring volume spacers to fit most common forks and shocks from Fox, Rockshox and DVO. You can try as many or little as you feel like and only pay for whatever you decide to keep. Cost is roughly $10 each, cash is preferable

For riders on coil sprung bikes, we can arrange different spring rates to try but will need to know in advance so we can bring the appropriate springs. There are too many fitment and rate options to be able to bring a complete range.

For queries and to book in - email