Vorsprung Suspension Upgrades

We are an elite partner tuning centre for Canadian Tuning company Vorsprung, which means we can offer their full range of upgrades and custom tuning packages. These are products engineered to increase the potential of your suspension as well as tailor them to you. We have used their products for a long time already and personally recommend it!

Tractive Tuning system for the Rockshox Super Deluxe
and Monarch Plus

This is a complete upgrade package that includes custom tuning your shock’s compression and rebound circuit, and replacing the stock base valve with a new design that enables more usable compression adjustment. Tunes are calculated using advanced software taking into account the riders weight, riding style and the bike you ride.

 $430.00 including a full service

Fractive fork tuning for Fox Fit4

Fractive is the fork version of the Tractive system, because fork tunes are always valved towards a mythical “average” rider with a priority of creating pedalling platforms rather than efficient bump control. Fractive replaces the stock cast zinc piston with a CNC’d alloy version so instead of an open, trail and climb mode you get 3 high speed compression settings specifically valved for you.

 $160.00 plus a service


 Air piston upgrade for Rockshox and Fox forks

●     Coil-like feel without the harsh bottoming of a completely linear spring

●     Larger negative air chamber

●     Lower initial spring rate

●     Increased sensitivity

●     Improved mid stroke support & control

●     Superior bump compliance and traction

●     Reduced hand fatigue

●     Reduces required compression damping

●     Retains Bottomless Token compatibility

Pricing is on top of a service:

34 & 36 Evol | $160.00

34 NA2 | $180.00

Rockshox Pike, Lyrik and Yari Solo Air | $130.00