If you visit us in our Rotorua store, you can receive a free sag check and evaluation to start you off on getting things dialled in. Then we can talk options for upgrading and tuning your bike to get even more performance!

Testing (Set Up) Days

We have partnered with Skyline Bike Park to provide days where you can sign up for a tuning day where we evaluate bike performance between runs and make adjustments throughout the day. Skyline is a great setting for this as the fast turnaround and repeatability of runs means you can instantly feel changes we make to the bike from run to run. More information here

Dyno Tuning

Our Carolina Test Works RD-2 is one of the most important tools in the workshop, it is used to measure the damping forces produced by a fork or shock so we know exactly how your suspension is working and decide if it is appropriate for you. Then if changes are made we can verify that the adjustments worked and you can be confident your new settings are correct. It is also used to diagnose faults that may be otherwise tricky to replicate in the workshop or hard to isolate to what part of the suspension.

Data Acquisition

Another tool we have at our disposal is the AiM motorsport EVO4s data logger, this is a very powerful product that uses sensors on the bike to measure how the suspension is responding to the terrain and quantify the feedback we get from a rider in to measurable data. This allows us to tune more precisely to achieve a desired feel on the bike.